this is the final chapter in the Bleach saga, witch side will you pick and witch side will be left standing.
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 How to rank up

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How to rank up Left_bar_bleue400000/400000How to rank up Empty_bar_bleue  (400000/400000)
How to rank up Left_bar_bleue400000/400000How to rank up Empty_bar_bleue  (400000/400000)

How to rank up Empty
PostSubject: How to rank up   How to rank up EmptyTue Aug 03, 2010 6:22 pm

Menos/Recruit-50 souls are needed and at least 1 successful Battle
Devouring Beast/Squad member-100 souls and at least 4 successful battles
Adjuchas/Seated officer-200 souls and at least 10 successful battles
Vasto Lordes/Ranking Officer-500 souls and at least 20 successful battles(or be hand picked by a espada or Captain)
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How to rank up
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